It is our mission to promote Jiu Jitsu and share the benefits for the individual, and the community through events that enrich and strengthen team and community bonds.

We are committed to maintaining a sustainable model of dynamic and innovative events which share the rewards with combatants! Unprecedented prizes with an engaged and professional organisation.

Thom Kotis

Thom has worked with local and state government organisations in developing and implementing community programs with incredible outcomes for individuals, their families and the community.

He has performed in a range of management roles and had a positive impact on the people around him. 

Broad experience in planning and executing events was the perfect apprenticeship for making the “Classics” the best jiu jitsu events in the calendar.

Anika Wilkins

Anika has utilised her remarkable skills and talents in various ways to build relationships on a family, and community level. 

She came out of a performance culture. Growing up “backstage” gave her a unique perspective on events and organisation. 

Working with people from all strata of society to find equitable outcomes was her specialty while serving in local government for many years. 

Her creativity and problem solving abilities make Classic Jiu Jitsu the industry leader in terms of customer and community focus.

Nathan Rheinberger

Nathan is a pillar of the community. He is a first responder, a mentor and coach and a performance athlete. 

An innate ability for strategy and critical thinking are integral to the development of our new ideas and concepts. 

His commitment to community service extends to the jiu jitsu community and is a driving force behind the Classic Jiu Jitsu ethos.