All-Ranks Classic – NOGI


18 April – Quality Hotel Mermaid Waters

Strictly limited to 8 teams – $650 Registration – $2500 PRIZE!

Also featuring Women’s All-Ranks Super Match – Team Tegan V Team Yasmine

Classic Tag Teams Showcase


Classic Jiu Jitsu’s All-Ranks teams concept allows all coloured belts to compete against each other in the same competition. Teams consist of five competitors of any rank and weight.

Players are handicapped on two levels.

1. Teams are handicapped by rank and weight. Players are assigned a score according to their rank and weight (see table). The middle, or average, is 80kg Purple belt. His/her value is zero. Heavier and higher ranks have a positive score, lighter/lower ranks have a negative score. The team must find a zero balance (or below) to comply. There is no restriction on numbers of ranks, or weights, as long as they fit under the handicapping scheme.

2. Bouts on the night are handicapped by time, according to rank. If two combatants are the same rank, the bout is 5 minutes. If there is one rank disparity the bout is 4 minutes; 2 ranks disparity is a 3 minute bout; 3 ranks disparity is only a 2 minute bout.

The rest of the rules follow the online Classic ruleset… Winner stays, no sub equals draw, in the case of a drawn bout both combatants are eliminated. The first team to have their last player eliminated loses the match.

The team order is at the discretion of the coach, however it is continuous throughout the bracket.



*Team score must not exceed zero at weigh-in, on the day of event

Event Location

Quality Hotel Mermaid Waters

Event Date

April 18, 2020

Event Start Time

6:00 pm